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Network Scans

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Computing and networking services runs regular network scans as well as on-demand scans. Scan reports are available through a secure web site to registered network administrators. If you are a network administrator and you are not registered, please subscribe to the Scan Notification List service (see below) and send us information on your network so we can update the Network Contact database.

The program includes vulnerability scans, open-relay scans, and weak password scans.

Click here for Information about the scans.

The Network Contact database is maintained by Computer Security Administration. The database is used to assist Computing & Networking Services in the administration of the Network Security Policy.

Please complete and submit the Network Contact Database Update form. Please make sure you include all appropriate information. Remember that you should include information for an alternate or management contact. This information is important if we need to contact someone about a security issue and the primary contact is not available.

Scan Notification List

If you wish to be notified about schedules scans please subscribe to the scan-notify-l list.


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