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Incident Classification

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We receive and process hundreds of incident reports and we endevour to rep sonde to all such reports in a timely manner and to resolve incident as fast as possible. However, all incidents reported to SEcurity Administration are categorized depending on the severity of the incident. This enables us to respond to the most serious incidents first. Although we take all security incidents seriously, limited resources do not allow us to investigate all incidents as soon as they are reported.

In order to assist those submitting security incident reports to us for investigation, we have come up with a classification scheme that enables us to prioritize incidents reported to us. This scheme uses three severity levels: high, medium, low.

High Severity

Incidents included in this category include:

  • DoS (Denial of Service attacks)
  • Hacking
  • Unauthorized access

Medium Severity

Incidents included in this category include:

  • Distribution of copyrighted materials
  • Distribution of virus-infected mail
  • E-mail harassment
  • Scan/Probes
  • Threatening e-mail
  • Unauthorized use of copyrighted Materials

Low Severity

Incidents included in this category include:

  • Pings
  • Spam
  • Other

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